Limón Limón – Somebody Else

Alternative pop outfit Limón Limón have truly gotten a hold of us ever since we first heard their expressive and refined sound. ‘Somebody Else’ is their new song, one with a slow intro and solid build up, the structure of their new release flows like a river with some unexpected curves. The chorus of ‘Somebody Else’ has been following us around ever since we first laid ears on the track, there is no way you aren’t slowly bouncing along when listening to Limón Limón’s new release. 

‘Somebody Else’ consists of kaleidoscopic layers of muted electric guitar lines and a new wave groove that brings together a mix of 80’s rock influences and electronic pop. The duo open up about the feeling of never being able to be somebody else, it’s up to you to decide if that is for better or for worse…

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