BAXTR – In Pop We Trust

If you need to add some musical confetti to your playlist, party or afternoon, BAXTR have just released their most infectious and upbeat single to date. ‘In Pop We Trust’ is a sweet alternative pop song with elements of rock and vocals that sound like they have been dipped in liquid sugar! The single is the fourth from the DIY indie pop band that were shortlisted for BBC R1’s Live Lounge Introducing.

Their new single is grandiose and an explosive blend of pink fuzz pop rock and expresses an ode to their first love: pop music. “It’s a shameless celebration of the sweet and saccharine, underpinned by raging distorted guitars, pastiche pop claps and bratty gang chants.” And we happily celebrate with BAXTR but with ‘In Pop We Trust’ through the speakers, all we can do is party! 

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