Retro Video Club – Disaster

Expressive, explosive, energetic and in your face is what Retro Video Club’s latest release sounds like. ‘Disaster’ is all but a disaster, it’s more effective than my morning coffee and makes us want to jump into a sweaty mosh pit in a stinking live music basement. The band knows how to make their listeners move and demand the attention of each and every single one of them, even those in the back that usually just nod their heads because they are too cool to dance.

Retro Video Club have recently proven to be a band to watch and with their new release they show that we haven’t heard everything by far, there is more to the band than we could have imagined. This is not just another indie band, but one with a cool alternative rock edge. They’ll also be supporting The Kooks on the Glasgow date of their UK tour in February 2022 and have a headline tour scheduled for November. 

About ‘Disaster’, the band say: “‘Disaster’ is a song about the thrill of the chase, and the chaos that ensues when you reach the finish line. It’s a siren call to everyone that the end is in sight. It’s punk rock guitars and relentlessly driving drums that bring the energy you need to keep going.” And if ‘Disaster turned out to be anything, it certainly is the sound of the thrill of the chase!

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