Wodan Boys – More Entertainment

There is a new and exciting band on the block, it’s Dutch indie punk rock outfit Wodan Boys who have just released their debut EP ‘Wodan Boys’. We were sent the last single on the EP, ‘More Entertainment’, it’s an explosive and energetic track with a raw edge and a no-bullshit attitude! Their ethos isn’t based on making an impression, really all there is to Wodan Boys is high energy loudmouth rock, and what you see is what you get.

“Let’s be honest; you don’t need another shopping list of bands we all like nor a bunch of metaphors that make us look cool.” We don’t need it, but it does make writing a review easier, because that’s really what reviews are, right? “High energy loudmouth rock music, that’s what it’s about. We’re not vegan, didn’t have a hard childhood yet are fully aware we’re all on the same sinking ship.” That sinking ship we fully agree with, however, a bit of entertainment while we rapidly sail towards the end of humankind is more than welcome and Wodan Boys have understood that more than most bands. ‘More Entertainment’ is what we want!

“On the 9th of July we released our self titled EP with four banging tracks and to top it off we are also releasing a 20 minutes long live session. 20 minutes, 1 take, 1 camera, this is what you want.”

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