sleepyhead – Long Goodbye

This new release is a bit of everything, sleepyhead‘s new single ‘Long Goodbye’ starts off being a sweet and warm-hearted alternative folk pop song, yet slowly mutates into a fast paced alternative pop track with warm vocals, a cymbal-driven soundscape and well-placed harmonies. ‘Long Goodbye’ sounds like the emotional rollercoaster we feel when saying goodbye, it is a mix and match of ups and downs, emotional intros and smooth outros that knit the entire track together.

‘Long Goodbye’ is the lead single of sleepyhead’s upcoming album ‘Blue In Nature’, the song was written, recorded and mixed by the band themselves during the winter lockdown early this year. “‘Long Goodbye’ is about the disintegration of a long distance relationship…”

The Manchester-based duo do it all themselves and write continuously, with inspiration taken from different cities and situations. The way their brand new release translates a heavy happening into a catchy track with a, what sounds like, good ending shows their maturity both in life and within their music. ‘Long Goodbye’ is a life lesson for them and for us and offers us a bit of support knowing wounds heal over time.

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