Dave Kalz – Relish

Dave Kalz‘s earworm ‘Relish’ has been a long time coming. The blues-rocker grips the ears once more with this new track from his current album of the same name. It is a treat that gets better with every playthrough.

Dave Kalz breaks through the rock and roll ruckus and releases his inherent talent, and it’s no surprise that the public is swarming to him like Capistrano salmon. He is courageous, and this new track is just one of many gems from Dave Kalz discography that raises the hairs on the back of the neck.

Dave rips it up on the six-string like no one’s business, and he takes no prisoners with his forthright attitude. The guitar tone is also almost tactile, leaping out of the speakers like a jack in the box. It’s got crunch, and Dave adds a chorus effect to the vanguard as well, creating a soundscape unlike anything else in the present blues-rock arena.

Dave describes his lover’s charisma in the lyrics, most likely ‘relish’ being a metaphor for her appeal. He’s creative with his language, which adds to the star quality that the music already has. It also takes Dave down a new road, with the latter half of the song bringing him to life. Furthermore, the guitar reaches boiling point in the conclusion, and Dave’s smooth touch gets the airtime it deserves, resulting over-the-shoulder swinging air guitar!

Words by James Davids

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