Animor – Together (video)

The warm and soulful vocals of Animor ease us into their new and laid back track ‘Together’, the song sounds like a warm and comforting hug. Big parts of the track are spoken and subtly guided by a simplistic soundscape and a mix that gave us goosebumps. ‘Together’ is an open-hearted story about family, love and familiar love. Its harmonies are soft and soothing and the guitar-driven soundscape is the perfect example of less is more. ‘Together’ is a unique experience in its own way, an alternative folk pop song that doesn’t actually sound like an alternative folk pop song.

Some of its elements fall within the genre, but the overall feeling of ‘Together’ is of the story telling kind, and could have been part of an audiobook. The video that comes with the track amplifies its message seamlessly and gives it another layer of talented artistry.

Animor is a project led by Ticino-based singer Romina Kalsi and completed by Scandinavian musicians Tobias Granbacka and Daniel Fagerudd. Their return “celebrates togetherness and builds on straightforward acoustic guitar chords, a steady beat and cheerful background synths.” It’s one f their most conventional releases and “is a reflection on how we make each other grow, on how one can provide a sense of belonging to a partner.”

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