TIOGA – Undercurrents

‘Undercurrents’ is the newest banger from Philadelphia-based quartet, TIOGA. This dreamy indie rock single immediately hooks onto your ears, with its charming guitar riffs that penetrate the ears. Alongside this are the excellently performed drums and bass, which the band have weaved together in such a refined way that it creates a wave-y and gentle soundscape.

The sonic environment of the track fits well with the abstract art of the song, especially with its range of purples. which is also reflected in the great lyricism in the track. This is best shown with the opening verse, “I saw a stranger in my reflection / Running for fear of introspection / Dreams of and points and accolades / Will they leave you when the spotlight fades?”. When speaking about the song, the band says, “‘Undercurrents’ deals with the unrelenting change that continually pulls you in directions you can’t foresee, and how easy it is to lose yourself in that.” It’s a great concept for a song, paired up perfectly with Greg Adams’ commanding vocals.

Adams’ vocal performance feels quite intimate, something that fits the themes of the track quite well. I also really enjoy how the backing vocals snake their way into the mix briefly, possibly being my favourite moment of the song. The track itself is short, but sweet. I’d like to see the ideas presented to be further fleshed out to become something truly special. ‘Undercurrents’ is an abstract indie rock track that conjures dreamy imagery through it’s sonic environment and lyricism. Every band member brings something to the table for this melancholic track, a band sure to watch out for in the future in the indie scene.

Words by Jake Anderson

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