EP: The Volclays – Talk It Over

The Volclays‘ five track counting EP ‘Talk It Over’ was released earlier this month and it’s a smooth and synth-driven piece of pop rock. The five-piece are inspired by 80’s alternative rock, goth, psychedelic and surf sounds and have blended those to become their signature sound, a refreshing take on a light-hearted and festive but open-hearted vibe.

Hitting it off with the title track of the EP, the band give us four minutes of unhurried and almost soothing psychedelic surf pop. ‘Talk It Over’ is a catchy and inventive piece with sing-along lyrics and a singular soundscape. We continue with ‘Leave It All Behind’ which stages a much more atmospheric and romantic sound that frames subdued vocals and fading harmonies. “The world is mine/ Together we’ll be fine…”

The California quintet bring in hints of new wave on ‘Haunted by You’, of which the intro resembles a sound a la the slower The Cure-hits. Reverberating vocals take centre stage on the third track of the EP, singing of lost love and being haunted by someone that is no longer there in presence. ‘Manslaughter’, despite what it title assumes, is driven by a more upbeat, fast-paced soundscape. Sounding positive and almost summer-y, the fourth track on this EP is somewhat of a, pleasant, surprise. We leave behind some of the previous three songs’ melancholies and dive into something more pleased sounding and building strongly on the bands’ surf pop influences.

The uplifting vibes of the fourth single stay with us for the closer of the EP, ‘Fell for You’ and in a roundabout way it seems the circle is now complete – both sound-wise and lyrically. It is the hazy, slightly cloudy sound of The Volclays that intrigues us, there is something mysterious about the California-based band and the stories they tell and it all comes together very well on their fourth EP!

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