New videos: slowride and Kytes

slowride – As Above/So Below

slowride’s latest video release is dark, explosive and distortion-filled, just the way we like it. ‘As Above/So Below’ is an anthemic rock track with great potential which shows off the bands’ way of weaving intrigue and alternative rock riffs into a track we are longing to experience live. Some of the ‘recorded’ energy sounds like it is on the brink of exploding, and we would just love to be part of that once it happens on a stage. The video for ‘As Above/So Below’ translates just that feeling with several short clips of people dancing, creating, enjoying and being their wildest selves. “‘As Above/So Below’ is a conversation about life through an existential lens, the highs and the lows.”

slowride create a sensational mix of alternative rock and indietronica to create something anthemic and ecstatic. This song was produced by Isaac Carpenter of AWOLNATION and mastered by Vlado Meller (Red Hot Chili Peppers/ Beastie Boys) and according to us should be received with all the praise the band have recently received, and so much more.

Kytes – the beat is on hold

A new and festive track was released by Munich-based alternative indie quartet Kytes, ‘the beat is on hold’ is how we will bring the summer into our homes when the sun is once again not showing up. Their uncomplicated and warm-hearted sound is refreshing and offers a sharp contrast compared to other rather gloomy sounding lockdown-related tracks. Kytes have previously been tipped one of the Hottest 100 Predictions of 2020 by Triple J, were played on worldwide radio and featured on international blogs and music-related outlets. We couldn’t stay behind…

Their catchy indie pop sound is straightforward yet accomplishes exactly what it attempts: to distract from ‘real life’ for two and a half minutes. For those that enjoy 80’s inspired pop, indie and disco vibes, Kytes is just the band for you. Kytes is known for their peppy-paced song-writing and infectious melodies and with ‘the beat is on hold’ they give just that!

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