Jane Honor – There Won’t Be Any Music

For a 20 year old singer-songwriter, Jane Honor writes as if she has a wealth of life experience. This isn’t surprising when considering that she has been writing and singing for around 12 years already, and her newest single titled ‘There Won’t Be Any Music’ demonstrates the talent she has accumulated over the years. 

As soon as the floaty, dream-like vocals enter, the song sets out its gorgeous tones. The light timbres coupled with Honor’s airy vocals paint a beautiful picture of summer in LA, and it’s easy to imagine driving along sunny tracks with this song blasting through the speakers while singing along to its catchy, repetitive chorus. Over everything, Honor’s vocals are most memorable in ‘There Won’t Be Any Music’, with her high vocal ability lending itself well to the intermittent “Oooh”s throughout. Gorgeous vocals, a catchy melody, and summery vibes which brighten your spirit instantly: what more could you want?

Words by Georgie Holmes

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