James Blake – Say What You Will

James Blake is an extremely recognisable name in this industry, and his newest single titled ‘Say What You Will’ has done nothing but assist his fame and respectability. The song is much like Blake’s previous releases, with its somewhat simplistic melody, but it is the music video which has particularly caught the attention of many fans. 

Featuring another familiar face, Finneas, Blake’s newest video strikes a balance between comedy and relatable sadness, demonstrating his talents beyond just song writing. The video is about comparison, which is a relatable feeling that many have felt in the past 18 months. How much work should I be doing? Are others doing more than me? Should I be matching what others do? So, despite its comedic moments and the humorous feature of Finneas, this music video is more serious and important than it at first lets on. As Blake displays his vocal range with the most gorgeous and long high note as he sits at the piano, the video showcases his vulnerability and reveals the video’s more serious tone.

Blake’s music videos are always admirable, a particular memorable one being the video for ‘Barefoot in the Park’. However ‘Say What You Will’ is one which should be on everyone’s to-watch list this week. 

Words by Georgie Holmes

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