Sounds of love and loss: Meadowlark, Tom Speight and James TW

Meadowlark – My Light Has Gone

The soft, soothing and comforting new single of Meadowlark is a hazy and angelic song with a romantic narrative. ‘My Light Has Gone’ is the return of the Bristol-based alternative folk duo, and comes paired up with the announcement of their upcoming album ‘Nightstorm’, which is due for release in November of this year. Their sound is captivating, warm and talks about whirlwinds of love and loss. “It’s about getting caught up in a story instead of reality; letting it take over every call in your mind and body – only for it to inevitably crash and burn.”

Meadowlark take their inspiration from what happens in and around them, and it makes their sound an open and personal one. A mix of beautiful harmonies and rich soundscapes that enriches the emotions their songs bring. “We’re in a constant state of regrowth. Life is cyclical. We fall apart so that we can recover. And lights go… but they always come back.”

Tom Speight – Feel the Night

‘Feel The Night’ is Tom Speight’s brand new single, a simply extraordinary sweet pop song with a lot of charm and an upbeat soundscape. It’s the third single of Tom’s new album ‘Everything’s Waiting’ and was the last one written for the album. About the song, Tom says: “It feels like the sister track of ‘Everything’s Waiting for You’ which was recorded in RAK again and co-produced by Rich Turvey. I wrote this on my own in less than an hour… It was inspired by The Killers’ track ‘When You Were Young’.” We can hear some similarities, with both songs being heavily guitar-driven.

Tom’s voice, however, gives ‘Feel The Night’ its flare and the background vocals bring some extra depth and light-heartedness to the track. “I felt like my youth was slowly slipping away and mentally living less in the present and focusing more and more on the future, plus getting anxious over things I didn’t have any control over. The sentiment of the song is ‘to live in the moment’.” And with that in mind, we’ll play ‘Feel the Night’ just one more time, or maybe two…

James TW – Hopeless Romantics

The grand and warm sound of James TW announces itself with a singular piano-driven soundscape and the slightly edgy voice of James. His new single ‘Hopeless Romantics’ is a charismatic song with multiple layers that reveal themselves throughout the song’s three minutes. The British indie singer songwriter creates ethereal sounds that build upon strong vocals and hazy harmonies that all come together in emotion-filled pop songs.

On the upcoming series of singles he opens up like never before, ‘Hopeless Romantics’ being the second from his upcoming album ‘Heartbeats Changing, Part 1’. The song captures a vivid snapshot of the aftermath of a breakup, “Everything I wrote was about the breakup, I basically met her when I was 15-years-old. We started going out a year later. We were living together. I was honestly planning the rest of my life around her. It was obviously a big shock to the system, so the songs came flooding out. I wanted to capture all of the different emotions in the aftermath.”

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