Uncanny Valley Girls – Knight Of Cups

With a steady pace throughout the entirety of their new track, Uncanny Valley Girls are doing something different and they’re doing it with nonchalance and precision. ‘Knight Of Cups’ is an eyebrow-raising track with a wink at early Bruce Springsteen and those warm sounds of The National. When the country went into lockdown, singer Michael Bissett found himself with a lot of time to write, but not much to write about. A friend gave him a Tarot reading and drew the card the Knight of Cups.

“The Knight of Cups is a warrior-poet, a romantic figure that is lead by his intuition, he has his heart on his sleeve and is driven more by his emotion than his intellect. And having thought myself into a rut, I decided I should probably start following my heart more than my head. The lyrics of ‘Knight Of Cups’ act as a love letter, a letter of encouragement to accept life’s ups and downs, and the ebbs and flows of inspiration.”

We are once again reminded of the fact that following our intuition usually leads us further than trying to follow either what others are doing or what seems logical. “The moment when you have no idea what you’re supposed to do, is the same moment the next great idea is forming, waiting for its time.” These moments might seem scary, but Uncanny Valley Girls have given them a new spin with their ‘Knight Of Cups’, they now sound cheerful, positive and exciting!

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