Koka – Forever Goodbye

The soft and dramatic soundscape of Koka‘s latest release is comforting, grand and theatrical. Its soundscape subtly frame the angelic vocals of the Berlin-based songstress. Koka moved to Germany after having faced the breaking out of a civil war, discrimination and the ups and downs of a conservative education. In Germany she pursued a career in architecture, which led her to estrange from herself, music was her closest ally and within her sometimes aggrieved sound we hear how she returns to what she loves most.

Koka’s sound is a warm blend of influences taken from 80’s new wave, soul and cinematic power ballads, it’s an artistic and experimental pop sound. Changing intensities and a layer of mysticism make Koka memorable, an intriguing artist with an open-hearted and honest vibe, one that we recognise ourselves in.

About ‘Forever Goodbye’ she says: “It talks about leaving behind any type of relationship that feels like a shoe that won’t fit anymore, because it was left lying for too long somewhere in a weird position and it hurts. I wrote this song after I had to make a decision to leave behind a meaningful friendship, that was part of my life for 16 years. Seeing someone I love so much be like a stranger to me and behind weird made me take the decision to speak open about it, but my friend turned her back to me making no more space for acceptance. ‘Forever Goodbye’ has a lightness and soothing vibe to it, because it was a chain of synchronicities born out of love and appreciation.”

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