New videos: Royal Castles and Jess Chalker

Royal Castles – Money Song

Royal Castles’ just released their new single and video for ‘Money Song’, an infectious indie rock track with hard-hitting hooks and strong vocals. Add riffing guitar lines and a funky, energetic video and what you’ve got is our new summer anthem, including visuals!

The Ontario-based trio deliver pounding drums and grand riffs with their latest release. Their new track is about living in the moment, “‘Money Song’ is about being happy with where you are and not wanting to leave.” ‘Money Song’ is also the first single from the upcoming second album ‘Just The Hits’ which was produced by Zane Whitfield and promises to be filled with more psychedelic-bubblegum harmonies. Have a look and listen below.

Jess Chalker – Don’t Fight It

We are suckers for lyric videos and smooth alternative pop and Jess Chalker decided to give it to us with her new single and video for ‘Don’t Fight It’. Raspy vocals and a tingling, dreamy soundscape work well together in this new anthemic hit. The lyrics video consists of psychedelic visuals and lyrics tumbling through the screen. While trying to read along with the lyrics we feel ourselves slowly joining in with the rhythm of ‘Don’t Fight It’ and we decide… Not to fight it.

With the every listen the track grows more on us, it is one of those songs with several depths and hidden layers. ‘Don’t Fight It’ is also the teaser of Jess’s upcoming album which is due for release in November, which is something to look forward to. About the track, Chalker says: “There’s a bitter sweetness to ‘Don’t Fight It’ that I love. It feels both joyful and sad to me. It was written at a time when I was trying really hard to please everyone, not knowing where I fit and becoming someone I wasn’t. In the end I really surrendered to that feeling of being lost, because acknowledging that made me realise I needed to change where I was going.”

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