The Round Up – August

Jordan Parker – Losing Again

A soft and smooth new pop song was released by indie artist Jordan Parker. ‘Losing Again’ is his new and open-hearted single, which is a well-produced and mellow alternative song with heartfelt vocals… And a few swearwords. The Los Angeles-born, Portland-raised artist mixes a range of genres together and out comes a heart-warming sound, a simple yet refined vibe with a touch of soul. His strong vocals give this release its strength, as its soundscape is rather minimalistic, which in turn gives the vocals its time to shine.

Idle Dream – The First Time

Dublin-based duo Idle Dream have just released their new single ‘The First Time’, an alternative rock track with a catchy intro and some surprising changes. Sharp vocals and warm guitar riffs make for a welcome soundscape to support the duos story. ‘The First Time’ is about mixed emotions that stem from listening to your head while following your heart, which translates into an expansive track with a constantly developing mix. Idle Dreams have released a pleasant surprise and this track is only the first in a series of upcoming singles!

TRAPT – Above It All

A loud, thumping and energetic single was released by TRAPT, ‘Above It All’ is a post-grunge, alternative rock track with an anthemic soundscape and strong vocals. Its chorus is a grand and infectious mantra and the entire track is like a shot of caffeine, coming in strong from the get-go and all the way throughout its three and a half minutes. Soaring and almost emotional, TRAPT have created an extreme sound that will keep echoing in our heads for a few more days.

Alta Falls – Sun In My Eyes

Alta Falls have just released their ethereal new single, which is also the third of their upcoming debut EP! ‘Sun In My Eyes’ is a grand and atmospheric stadium pop song a la The 1975, but stronger. With a warm soundscape, sweet lyrics and hazy harmonies the track comes together rather well, with a clear intro, middle and ending. It’s hard not to move along to Alta Falls indie synth pop sound!

Nothing In Common – Dent

Emerging Stockholm-based dream outfit Nothing In Common have just released their new single ‘Dent’ and with it solidified their space on our radar. There’s merely anything as angelic as the gorgeous vocals on ‘Dent’. The indie alternative trio are made up of singer and guitarist Alice Edstrom, guitarist Pelle Sundin and drummer Bo Bjorkman. The band’s name came about after realising how vastly different their tastes in music were… Not that we notice this ‘mismatch’ in music tastes, Nothing In Common are like a deluxe piece of chocolate cake; we can’t get enough!

The Howlers – Never Enough

The Howlers are back! ‘Never Enough’ is the band’s new distortion-drenched desert rock track and goes hand-in-hand with the announcement of their upcoming debut EP ‘The Sum of Our Fears’. It’s loud, in-your-face and stubborn, and was released at the perfect time. About the track, frontman Adam says: “‘Never Enough’ is simply about wanting more from life, I was taught growing up if you want something you’ve got to fight for it.” Without much money to spend the band made do with a home-built kit and despite angry neighbours came out the other end with a raw and simplistic energetic rock track!

Dan Miraldi – Pandemic

We continue with more feisty punk in the form of Dan Miraldi’s ‘Pandemic’, channelling his isolation-energy, Dan picked up his guitar and let out a cathartic punk rock jam. ‘Pandemic’ is the opening track of the new EP ’15 Minutes of Fury’ and is a reflection of anxiety and a quest for connection in uncertain times. Despite the feeling of being lost and lonely, Miraldi created a comfortingly angry rock track that has definitely helped us, and possibly others too, to channel that frustration and rock it all out!

Werwe – Otherside

It is a bubbling, synth-driven oldtimer with a load of charisma and personal narrative. It’s Werwe’s ‘Otherside’, a well-crafted sound a la Balthazar, one of those soothing and atmospheric pop songs with a very high rating of sweetness. “I grew up pushing the church out of my life because of my mothers projection and what was going on in my life. A decade of fear was instilled in me before I broke. ‘Otherside’ is me overcoming that. ” Werwe don’t beat around the bush, and we think this is an important sound and message to hear!

Nicholas Chapman – Better Man

Middlesbrough-based singer songwriter Nicholas Chapman found his passion in creating music and has created another beautiful piece for us with his latest release ‘Better Man’. It is a song filled with hope, strong vocals with a hint of roughness and a warm yet simplistic soundscape. “‘Better Man’ is a song we can all relate to at some point in our lives. But… there is always hope. The past is just that, the past, and there is always time for change, time to move forward and walk the right path, time to be the better man.”

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