New Dutch artists: Blanko, Saint Djuni and Sylvia Aimee

Blanko – Ways Of The World

A laid back, unhurried and almost bluesy sound was released by Dutch artist Blanko. His new release ‘Ways of the World’ sounds like a community gathering with warm harmonies and a spotlight on Blanko’s strong vocals with their rough edge. For a second we dream ourselves on a sandy beach under some palm trees, our hair waving in the wind while singing along to ‘Ways of the World’.

The track is a positive sounding indie summer anthem and will hopefully be a taster of the upcoming debut album, which is due for release in January! About the song, Blanko said: “All I want is that this song gets a chance to be heard by people!” and so do we, because it brought a smile to our face!

Saint Djuni – All Of My Friends

Summer might be coming to an end, or never even really have shown its face, but Saint Djuni are bringing us their piece of summer with new single ‘All Of My Friends’. With hart-warming lyrics, a filling and joyful sound and strong vocals, the band bring a smoothly transitioning track with a strong structure. ‘All Of My Friends’ is the replacement of lonely days and lonely nights, it is an over the top happy-go-lucky song and our brand new favourite summer lover song!

Spend your days wisely, fill them with happy moments, friends and family and enjoy every single one of those moments, it’s a motto Saint Djuni are well known for. If you are looking to start a new adventure, or if you need a little push to set up that next venture, let this be your sign; it’s go-time!

Sylvia Aimee – Friends

For those that love sweet and catchy yet relatable pop songs, Sylvia Aimee will be just the right fit for you. ‘Friends’ is her latest release, an up tempo indie track that talks about feeling lonely at parties and missing out on true friendship. Its story sure is a little messier than its sound assumes! It shows character, and Sylvia’s ability to twist even the tougher emotions into a more light-hearted and welcome sound.

‘Friends’ is also the second single of Aimee’s upcoming country pop EP ‘Identity’, which symbolises Sylvia’s personal journey figuring out who she really is. The EP will showcase more honest and introspective lyrics that cover subjects such as feelings of loneliness, missing out and jealousy. “I think a lot of people struggle with the theme of friendship, but not a lot of people talk about it. I am an introverted person with a lot to say. I find it difficult to talk about myself and my feelings, so I use my music to express them. When it comes to writing, there’s no shame or fear and I will write brutally honest.”

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