Eliot – Look At Me Now

Rock and roll is back in full swing, and Eliot gets the party started with his latest release, ‘Look At Me Now’. The track is now on all streaming platforms, and it sees the gritty vocalist team up with producer Frank Montoya. 

With a forward-thinking opening soaked in rock flavour, the track smacks the ears into shape right away. The drums slam down with a tremendous thud, and the guitars rocket out of the mix. They tear through the production with ease, laying the groundwork for Eliot’s tense vocal performance.

Eliot’s singing style is distinct, and his skill distinguishes him from the plethora of other rock tracks that have emerged in recent years. He is meticulous in his work, and he ensures that the studio’s energy does not dissipate across the compound. Furthermore, the music is pleasing to the ears and will provide a refreshing experience for everyone who appreciates authentic music.

‘Look At Me Now’ is about reflecting on past meetings and seeing how far one has progressed. It’s a clever story, and Eliot uses it to disprove all the sceptics. He is unsure of what he was thinking before, but he can now see clearly. Also, Eliot frequently speaks about once being trapped in a horrific dream but now having a clear mind. Regardless, he would welcome the opportunity to return to being a child with the knowledge he now has about the world.

Words by James Davids

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