Joe Traxler – Don’t Dance (video)

Joe Traxler is presenting his second single of 2021, an introspective piece of pensive pop. ‘Don’t Dance’ is a slow burner, built upon a layered and unhurried soundscape, soft vocals and echoing harmonies. His new release is also the first taken from his upcoming debut LP ‘Lifelines, which is due for release in the spring of next year.

“‘Don’t Dance’ details an evening out wracked with social anxieties and insecurities, yet paradoxically delivered in a feel-good, indie-funk wrapper.” That slight nervousness, the hesitation is what creates ‘Don’t Dance’s hazy but refined soundscape, a refreshing one that has clearly been influences by R&B and soul but has ended up being an alternative pop song. The video for ‘Don’t Dance’ is a simple but fun one in which we see Joe play, dance and sing in several different surroundings and a gorgeous woman that represents those of us on the dance floor at the aforementioned night out.

The Vienna-based multi-instrumentalist and producer defines his pop by groove-driven soundscapes and confessional lyricism, and ‘Don’t Dance’ is an exquisite introduction to this sound!

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