Echo Coast – Symphony Of Sound (video)

A new feel-good indie anthem building upon sun-kissed melodies with darker undertones was released by singer songwriter James Hobbs, who is better known to fans as Echo Coast. ‘Symphony Of Sound’ comes with an experimental lyric video and sounds like a light-hearted summer song inspired by a 60’s synth-driven sound.

‘Symphony Of Sound’ was recorded at Ford Lane Studios by producer Rob Quickenden and inspired by… “Life.”, further explaining, James says: “The meaning of ‘Symphony Of Sound’, I guess, is a metaphor for life’s ups and downs and also what with lockdown coming to an end we can enjoy live concerts again which is certainly a reason for celebration. ‘Symphony Of Sound’ has a number of meanings but I will leave it down to the listener to form their own interpretation.”

Its celebratory sound is certainly the uplifting one we had been hoping to hear again for a while now, despite the doom and gloom of the past year and a half, artists and musicians all over the world have shown that there’s not much that can stop them from making their art and we’re sure glad it didn’t stop Echo Coast!

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