Sweet Crisis – Ain’t Got Soul

A grand gesture, a soulful and distortedly riffing track was released in the form of ‘Ain’t Got Soul’, and my, does it have soul! Sweet Crisis have just released their new release, a fiery and warm-hearted track that packs a punch. ‘Ain’t Got Soul’ is made up of an intriguing intro, a thumping and rocking pre-chorus and strong vocals that lead us through this festive new single!

Sweet Crisis have brought us a Bond-esque rock arrangement that is hard not to move along to. Its thunderous rhythm gives us the energy we have been lacking lately. The modern powerhouse sound that comes so well together in ‘Ain’t Got Soul’ is also a head’s up for Sweet Crisis’ debut album ‘Tricks On My Mind’ which is available on limited edition coloured vinyl from HMV and FOP stores!

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