Canyon City – Locket

A mesmerising and soothing new modern folk single was released by producer Paul Johnson, better known as Canyon City. His latest delicate yet playful piano-driven piece is ‘Locket’, a song that sounds like a warm hug and offers us a moment of peace and quiet while indulging ourselves in Paul’s solacing vocals. On ‘Locket’, Paul sings about feeling lonely, regardless of whether one is actually alone.

‘Locket’ follows up his previously released works of art ‘Paris’ and ‘Song for Spring’, which showcase a similar sound. Canyon City has truly produced and found their recognisable and signature sound. A softly thumping, dreamy combination of simple soundscapes and gentle vocals. Johnson started building his catalogue in 2015 and highlighted this by several collections of his work, and hopefully a new collection will follow soon, with a new-gained perspective of the world and new stories to write beautiful hymns about.

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