Heddy Edwards – white lightning

A melodic and festive new track driven by evocative vocals is the debut release of indie pop artist Heddy Edwards. ‘white lightning’ is her introduction to a dreamy retro synth-driven sound, a catchy and well constructed mix with surprising changes and a filling soundscape that is stubborn and adamant.

Heddy’s debut is fast paced and heaving and inspired by 80’s synth pop, and ‘white lightning’ is, due to its poignant vocals, a very memorable first release. About the inspiration behind the song, Heddy says: “The song is inspired by my memories of growing up in Illinois and feeling that same comfort when I met my soulmate – as fast as a lightning strike.” That giddy feeling of meeting someone who will prove themselves to be very significant is translated into innovative shifts in tone of vocals and surprising rhythm changes, as if listening to a fast-beating heart.

As this is the debut of Heddy Edwards, we are excited to hear what is in the cards for the future. We hear a rough diamond that, once some of its raw edges have been polished, will shine so bright there’s no way of overlooking.

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