Albert Smith – A Good Routine

Gateshead-based songwriter and musician Steven Gordon has just released his solo debut ‘A Good Routine’ under his recording alias Albert Smith. Steven spent 5 years writing, releasing and touring with dream pop outfit Headclouds and has now ventured out on his own. ‘A Good Routine’ is a short but sweet tongue in cheek indie pop track with mantra-like vocals that talk about parents always wanting a better life but never getting one.

“‘A Good Routine’ is centred around the aspirations of an ageing couple, one step away from having their perfect life, always there but just out of reach. The single repeats the mantra that the sky is the limit, as soon as some unattainable goal is reached.” Albert Smith tells his story while framing it with lo-fi folk pop and a hint of jazz that paints a vivid picture of hope entwined with hopelessness. His is a simple but refined and telling sound that is pleasant and easy on the ears and just different enough from others within the genre to be able to stand out on its own.

“This alias stems from the voice message pseudonym I used as a teen to trick my sixth form tutors when they called my number to ask why I was bunking business studies to practice playing guitar in the caretakes cottage.” The bunking has paid off in the form of a light-hearted and familiar sound that we would like to familiarise ourselves more with. Albert Smith’s debut release is hopefully a promise of what we can expect from him in the future.

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