Ellevator – Easy (video)

‘Easy’ is the new and innovative infectious rock track by Canadian three-piece Ellevator. ‘Easy’ leaves no room for thoughts drifting off, Ellevator have built many surprising hooks and vocal chord changes into their newest release. This single is a pensive and wandering song with a strong structure that gives the track its personality.

This is also the first single from Ellevator’s debut album, which was produced by Death Cab For Cutie’s Chris Walla. The album represents a new generation of indie rock, trimmed down and re-imagined as new. It is the at times almost mysterious rhythm changes and vocals that bring flavour to the mix. Its mix being a combination of screaming guitars, rocking riffs and smooth synths, with every listen, we peel away another layer of sound.

‘Easy’ is about what we were raised to believe, and how to decide what is good and what is evil. For a time in singer Nabi-sue Bersche’s youth, she was a member of what could be described as a cult. “‘Easy’ is a rumination on the good and evil things we are raised to believe.”  

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