Glitch Project – Wane

Glitch Project are back doing what they do best; delivering nail-biting indie gems. The Italian’s latest release, ‘Wane,’ is a glorious release. It goes down its own road, and the girls demonstrate their musical versatility right away.

The overture begins with a bass, which keeps the rhythm in the forefront of the listener’s attention. It starts elementary, but as time goes on, it develops into a mighty swing. Also, the singers and a percussion tap change the dimension of the track during the chorus.

The vocals are mesmerising as they deliver their savoury notes, with an excellent doubling effect grabbing the airways. They speak in a kind tone and welcome us with open arms. They bring a new quality to the forefront of their discography, as well as a slew of fresh ingredients to the mix, ensuring that the excitement never stops flowing. Also, the music is refreshing, and it shines brightly in the middle when all the elements come together. 

It’s not easy to figure out their motive or tale lyrically. To begin with, the title ‘Wane’ is ambiguous. However, it appears like the ladies are gazing up into space at the moon, commenting on how little it appears from Earth, despite its enormous circumference. Is this a foreshadowing of something happening on Earth? Potentially, but what, exactly, is unknown.

Words by James Davids

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