Nature TV – Gracie

Warm, comforting and infectious, it’s Nature TV‘s new single ‘Gracie’! Soulful vocals and a simple, guitar-driven soundscape make for a soothing sound that bring the bands’ story to life. ‘Gracie’ flows like a wave and waves like the sea, having obviously been influenced by the surf pop genre.

Nature TV is comprised of door-to-door salesmen Guy, Josh, Zal and James, who straddle the line between indie pop and psych rock, a familiar yet unique mix of sounds. Theirs is often compared to that of Peach Pit, Real Estate and Beach Fossils, but Guy’s gallant vocals bring another layer of depth to ‘Gracie’ and the boys’ previously released singles.

The Brighton-based outfit have received support from BBC Radio One, were added to several official Spotify playlists and were the support act for Swimming Tapes, PINS and VANT to name a few. To say the band are on their way up is an understatement and with ‘Gracie’ they climb a little further up again.

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