Fintan McKahey – Lost Balloons

A soft and sweet alternative new folk pop track was released by Fintan McKahey, his latest, ‘Lost Balloons’ is comforting and slow paced with a nice break in-between changes. ‘Lost Balloons’ is a welcome break from our busy everyday lives and gives some perspective on the more fast paced, upbeat songs that, despite their energy, can at times be quite draining.

Fintan gives us the gift of energy and mind space with his new single, in which he reflects on how the pressure of modern life can get overwhelming. “If this past year has taught us anything, it’s that things aren’t always within our control.” He tells his message supported by layered acoustic guitars and an ambient soundscape that supports his smoky vocals. It’s emotive and nostalgic and a brilliant introduction to the Cork-based singer, songwriter and producer’s sound!

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