Euan Allison – Fatherhood

Euan Allison‘s ‘Fatherhood’ sounds slightly familiar and when looking at the artists that have worked on this release, we realise why that is. Dutch artist and producer Adriaan Persons, who we know from alternative pop band Rondé, co-wrote this release! ‘Fatherhood’ is a beautifully fragile new single with delicate vocals that give it its character.

The Scottish singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist escaped the quiet landscapes of Orkney to find adventure in the city of Glasgow, and through his music he tells his own personal story. With ‘Fatherhood’ being his latest offering, we are hoping to get to know Euan more as he expands and delivers his theatrical yet refined pop sound!

‘Fatherhood’ will also be a part of Euan’s upcoming EP which is due for release next month, with three previously released singles that were rather successful, we are hoping to hear more of his successful and filling, emotional sound!

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