Jared DeMeester – Lobster Song

“It’s a joy to make music, but it’s even more of a joy to share it…” And we couldn’t agree more, we were hooked by Jared DeMeester‘s ‘Lobster Song’, which in its own right is quite the magical new release. DeMeester writes all of his dreamy folk pop songs in his Chicago bedroom studio, but lo-fi doesn’t mean lo(w)-quality… ‘Lobster Song’ is a sweet and charming pop single that blends 50’s jazz with mellow indie folk and becomes an oh so memorable new release!

It is the simplicity of both the soundscape and his vocals that make ‘Lobster Song’ a song you just have to pay attention to, it’s an attention-demanding track that doesn’t leave any room for wandering off. What we want is more of this, more of ‘Lobster Song’ and more of Jared DeMeester. A thoughtful, unhurried and unadorned sound is what we have been craving, no bullshit, no frills, but pure and passionate music.

DeMeester says he tries his best to achieve an honest sound that lives somewhere between his folk and jazz roots. “Woody creaks and traffic sounds are the sonic breath that seem to make these recordings a little more human.” And if Jared hasn’t charmed us enough yet, he also confirms that ‘Lobster Song’ has been inspired by one of our favourite Friends-scenes…

“‘Lobster Song’ is loosely inspired by an iconic scene from the 90’s sitcom hit, Friends. Encouraging a heartsick Ross Geller in his off-and-on love story with Rachel Green, Phoebe Buffay famously claims that, they are one another’s lobster. Phoebe says that lobsters fall in love and mate for life and that “you can actually see old lobster couples walking around their tank holding claws”. I aimed to capture the sentimental melancholy of this scene in a song. The search and sometimes painful wait for a lobster is never quite as linear as we might hope it to be.”

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