The Deep Blue – He Said She Said

Manchester-based indie pop outfit The Deep Blue have just released their second single ‘He Said She Said’, which follows up their successful debut ‘Jealous Sea’. The song is a call to arms to stand up alongside victims of sexual and domestic abuse. 

It’s a slow burner, a thought through pop track with an almost mysterious intro and strong, angelic vocals. The aesthetic of The Deep Blue is hard to resist, building on unique three-part harmonies. Their sound is soft and sweet with a painfully relatable story behind its lyrics. “‘He Said She Said’ was written in response to section 72 of The Domestic Abuse Act of 2021. Inspired by stories in the news and some of our own experiences, we offer this song as a voice for the countless women who have been harmed by or lost their lives to domestic or sexual violence.”

The band have created a refined indie folk sound rich in harmonies and washed in minimalist which creates a shimmering soundscape. With their debut The Deep Blue made a promise and with ‘He Said She Said’ they’re showing its a promise they are going to keep.

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