Raffles – Dream Trip to Korea

‘Dream Trip to Korea’s intro is light and shimmering and slowly takes us into Raffles‘ latest release. A feel-good pop song with soft vocal harmonies and an ever uplifting soundscape, it is a soothing and comforting new song and sound, like we hadn’t heard before. Raffles have created an atmospheric and almost romantic image of Korea with their new work of art.

The Brighton-based bedroom pop outfit operate somewhere between being a solo project, a collective and a band. The band enjoy working with friends and collaborators, and together they create what we have named bedroom dream pop. “‘Dream Trip to Korea’ is a song we’ve played live since we started gigging, and fans have always enjoyed its upbeat nature compared to the rest of our more mellow discography – so we’re pleased to finally bring the masses a studio version.”

We can only imagine what this refined alternative pop sound will feel like when experiencing it in a live music venue. With this new single, Raffles have been added to our ones to watch list as it excites us to see and hear how much further this sound will take the collective.

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