Video: Selah Sue x TOBi – Hurray

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the pity party.” That’s how we’re introduced to Selah Sue and TOBi’s brand new single and video ‘Hurray’. It’s a soulful pop song, a hardly deniable party starter with a comforting and catchy soundscape and balanced vocals harmonies; Selah’s sharp and mesmerising voice and the dark, creamy spoken vocals of TOBi.

‘Hurray’ is the latest release of the platinum-selling Belgian singer-songwriter and finds her ceding the social media high ground. While skeptical, she admits that: “I’m just as guilty. I too beg for attention and affirmation, but at the same time I know those factors are only temporary.” This single is also a preview of the upcoming album which is due early next year on Because Music. This one is a mix of influences of 90’s neo-soul, UK garage and skeletal hip hop, you can say it’s rather eclectic.

Despite being different from what we share on a daily, ‘Hurray’ is an infectious earwig that we just couldn’t shake, nor do we want to. We’re all just as guilty and hearing those words from Sue’s mouth, makes the guilt trip a lot more bearable. We have added ‘Hurray’ to our Alternative Tracks playlists, and you can listen to it below!

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