EP: Sophie Kilburn – My Room Made Public

Alternative pop artist Sophie Kilburn has just released her debut EP ‘My Room Made Public’, a four track counting collection of her powerful and mesmerising sound. ‘Movement’ is as cool as riding on the back of a motorbike, holding on to a hunk in a leather jacket. It’s dark and pounding with grandiose vocals and a simple yet effective soundscape.

‘I’m in Love with My Therapist’ is as intense as its title assumes, also showcasing perfectly what this EP is about. ‘My Room Made Public’ asks the question how much of our lives we should really share with the world. “It explores the pressure to share it all as a way to find your own identity and validation. Do you have to share everything to be heard and to be relatable? If you don’t, are you not brave enough?”

With ‘Ruthless’, Kilburn shows off her catchy pop side, a telling sound that makes it hard for the listener not to move along. Addictive hooks are being used throughout the EP but most of all on ‘Ruthless’. This single talks about achievement pressures and is followed by the closer of the EP, ‘Under the Heat’, which talks of an identity crisis. Her sharp vocals are a leading thread throughout these four singles and string the EP together.

It’s a reflection on validation and our self-worth, and made us reflect on our own. ” It is chapter one of what I hope will become a classic trilogy. At the end of the day, I just want to bring emotional comfort and make people want to fight for what they want out of life, find themselves in their own way and to never settle for something that hurts them. I guess I am trying to do that for myself too but there is always strength in numbers.”

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