HENGE announce new comic book

The eclectic Alien ravers that go by the name of HENGE have just announced the release of their new comic book! Talking about creative avenues, and from what we have seen of the bands’ live show, the comic book will hopefully, and presumably, turn out as eccentric as the bands’ live performance. Their unique travels have brought them to another collaboration with comic artist Judge Dredd to create the second part of the action-packed adventure.

As well as being available to purchase via Bandcamp and the bands’ website, the comic book will also be available to fans for free as part of HENGE’s on-going, innovative art exchange scheme. Audiences at the band’s autumn tour will be able to swap their own artistic creations for a copy of the second episode. Part one was offered to fans for free in the same way.

About this special new release, lead singer Zpor said: “Our ultimate objective with this initiative is to incite acts of creativity, encouraging humans to make and share things. Earth currency has little appeal to us. To see people’s joy in creating and then receiving the comic, that is worth much more than this so-called ‘money’.”

The comic will be available at HENGE shows throughout September to November, during the tour to mark the release of the band’s second album ‘Exokosm’.

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