White Novels – California

‘California’ is the latest release of Scottish five-piece White Novels, ‘California’ is a pulsing and warm indie pop track. White Novels formed in the midst of the pandemic but didn’t let any of its obstacles stop them. ‘California’ is a well thought-out, well-produced track with a tensive build up and strong vocals.

White Novels is the creation of songwriters Jack Bestow and Tam Kane and has grown out to be a full five-piece band that is based all over Scotland. Their song writing explores honest and open-hearted topics which translates into layered and grand, anthemic alternative pop tracks. ‘California’ is a love story about an experience Jack went through back in 2019. “He was dating a girl from California while she studied at the University of Edinburgh. Like most relationships nowadays, it started via online dating apps, and progressed to them meeting up regularly at The Jazz Bar in Edinburgh.”

“The song explores themes of heartbreak, teenage naivety, romance and cheating. It turned out the girl had a boyfriend all along, the line “when I held your hand, not knowing you’re the middle” reflects the fact this girl was leading two lives without both guys knowing. Jack being 5000 miles away from the “real” boyfriend.” Despite its story being heart-breaking, White Novels turned it into a gentle and comforting new track. ‘California’ is hopefully a good omen for what’s next for White Novels.

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