The Round Up – September

BAABES – Greaseballs to Glitters

One of September’s loudest, most distorted and most energetic tracks was released by Boston’s BAABES. Their grand garage punk is refreshing and exciting and the latest addition to their discography is single ‘Greaseballs to Glitters’. Powerful vocals and filling drum rolls are what makes the first single of the band’s upcoming self titled album such a party starter!

Jordan Sommerlad – Stay

Mellow and sweet, Jordan Sommerlad’s new single ‘Stay’ is a refined dream pop song with strong vocals and shimmering guitar lines. ‘Stay’ is pensive and catchy in its own right. A simplistic soundscape fills up the space in-between Sommerlad’s airy vocals, and its nostalgic sound give the song a memorable touch and comforting feeling. ‘Stay’ was written during the early days of the pandemic and is a wonderful introduction to Jordan Sommerlad’s music!

Mojave Grey – Fade Out

Mojave Grey’s new single ‘Fade Out’ is about going all the way, and it’s not just the lyrics that translate this message. The atmospheric and hazy soundscape that drives ‘Fade Out’ shows the band pulling out all the stops. Smooth production, grand, echoing vocal harmonies and a filling, anthemic sound make ‘Fade Out’ a soft release for fans of Balthazar and Oscar and the Wolf. Mojave Grey have adamantly been inspired by the vast canvas of the desert, genre defying soundscapes and cinematic vignettes. Let’s give ‘Fade Out’ another listen…

James Blonde – Delirium

We have just discovered the Canadian Alex Turner, including alluring vocals, flirtatious guitar riffs and hot and steamy drum rolls to fill up its soundscape. James Blonde’s ‘Delirium’ answers some of our desires for sexy new alternative rock. It is a sound filled with surprises, shifting melodies and hooks that make us want to listen over and over again. ‘Delirium’ is the first track of the upcoming EP and tells “the cautionary tale of an addict in denial who is trying to desperately rationalise and justify their self-destructive actions.”

Pseudo Cool – Shut Up and Go

A surf-inspired alternative rock sound with eccentric vocals was released by South-Wales outfit Pseudo Cool, their latest ‘Shut Up and Go’ is fast paced and listens like a shot of caffeine. It’s repetitively catchy with simple vocals and an energetic soundscape. The punchy track acts as a declaration of liberation, with an accelerating pace and hooky basslines. It’s freeing and refreshing and we can only imagine how invigorating the track will be live when experiences live!

Rila’s Edge – Tired

Alt rock outfit Rila’s Edge have been on our radar for a while and reposition themselves with their latest and anthemic single ‘Tired’, we would like to highlight this track however it’s not just the track that was just released. The single is taken from the bands’ brand new EP and tells the story of “a relationship breakdown and how there comes a point where one person just says “I’ve had enough, I’m leaving”.” It’s bittersweet but sounds like a grand and stadium-filling alt pop track with some grand hooks and strong vocals, really rather catchy!

WULF – Anthem

The soft and light-feathered sound of WULF strolls towards us like a friend we haven’t seen in a while, yet it feels like no time has past. ‘Anthem’ is an alternative folk pop song with hazy harmonies and a warm sound, the sound of a friendly smile. WULF create surprising harmonies and compositions that are ever surprising, soundscapes that draw upon many influences to create a new and unique sound, one only charming when brought by WULF.

New Wolves – City Air

Shimmering and light, comforting yet different and almost triggering. ‘City Air’ is New Wolves’ latest piece of pensive pop and its sound is like a warm blanket, with vocals that seem to drift off in thought while dragging its listener with them. ‘City Air’ is a breath of fresh air, a pause button that helps us reset while working our asses of every single day of the week. It’s a laid back summer anthem, “written when the first southern breezes were beginning to warm the city, and the galleries and cafes were opening up to the world again.”

Split The Dealer – High Rockets

Talking about laid back anthems, Split The Dealer have released another one with ‘High Rockets’. A combination of warm and almost frustrated sounding vocals, whooping guitar lines and a spacious soundscape are wat make ‘High Rockets’ an intriguing new track. Something different yet familiar, due to its recognisable vocals and inventive punchiness. “It’s about growing up too fast and feeling the need to know exactly what you want to do with your life as soon as you leave school.”

Elijah Mann – Without My Breath

An angsty new electro folk pop track was released by Elijah Mann, it left us breathless, thinking back of emotional life events, wounds that had healed but now feel like opening up again… Despite us not always wanting to give those wounds attention again, ‘Without My Breath’ gives us a refreshing take on them and makes us feel less alone. Warm and painstaking vocals give us a new perspective, its simple and naked soundscape dressing its message up in something that almost sounds positive. Bittersweet, comforting and yearning for more.

The Place On Rugby – The Other Day

It’s a festive sounding surf rock track and it’s made us want to dive back into summer. The Place On Rugby recently released their latest ‘The Other Day’, it is built upon strong guitar lines, soaring vocals and a catchy soundscape. The LA-based alternative rock band seem to thrive on their experimental sound, something new and changing, not so predictable and overall catchy and warm-hearted. ‘The Other Day’ is the perfect introduction to this interesting outfit!

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