New videos: Local Nomad and Royal Castles

Local Nomad – On and On

Local Nomad have written another incredibly infectious track, an alternative pop sound with a hint of rock and some filthy guitar lines that give the track its depth. Their new single ‘On and On’ comes with a video that shows the duo performing and doing what they do best. There is something about live videos that bring some extra energy and realness to a track and Local Nomad have done that craftily and very well with ‘On and On’!

Royal Castles – Frickin Pretty

The hard-hitting new single by Royal Castles has been released together with a video. Powerful and catchy, their new alternative rock track is an uplifting and empowering track and the title really tells all about what its messages entails. ‘Frickin Pretty’ is the latest from Ontario-based power trio Katrin, Jordan and AJ. A combination of pounding drums, crunchy guitars and a healthy dose of woozy bass are what make ‘Frickin Pretty’ such a success. The track is a late summer anthem inspired by the fleeting jubilance of youth, have a listen below!

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