Our highlights of The Gathering Sounds Part 1

It’s been a while since we attended an inner city festival and once the day finally arrived, it was as good as we had hoped. On Saturday the 25th of February The Gathering Sounds took place all over the wonderful town of Stockton-on-Tees. With a surprising amount of venues, all in walking distances of each other, and an incredible amount of bands playing, we were set for a successful day of running around frantically trying to catch our known and unknown favourites. We’ve highlighted some of those favourites for you!

Dead Pony kicked off in style with a ton of energy, great and powerful lead vocals and a frontwoman that left us well and truly impressed. Early day or not, the band pulled out all the stops to get the room moving! We continued the day on a less heavy but incredibly catchy note with singer songwriter Cortney Dixon who left us smiling from ear to ear. Her intriguing and sharp voice tells funky stories of things she’s went through with ‘What You Wanna Do’ being one of her catchiest tracks that left us no choice than to dance vigorously.

Dead Pony by Ryan Hunter

We stayed at The Georgian Theatre where young and emerging band Marketplace performed their latest ‘Condensed Milk’ and closed their set with one of our favourite releases of 2019, ever catchy ‘Evergreen’. We managed to catch the last few tunes of The Feens‘ set at The Storytellers, being a strong indie sound performed in a full house that bounced along like their lives depended on it. Single ‘A Thousand Faces’ is a convincing track with strong vocals and a catchy, guitar-driven soundscape.

The next band pleasantly surprised us with their powerful, enigmatic and almost anger-driven sound. A live performance that grasps an energy and passion that we haven’t seen in a while during a live show! Low Hummer figuratively broke down KU Bar, their alternative rock sound blended with a grungy kind of energy truly left us mesmerised. Luckily for us, the band have just released their debut album, ‘Modern Tricks for Living’, the ten-track counting album could well and truly be one of our favourites of the year!

Cover photo by Victoria Wai Photography

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