Kyoto Kyoto – Dart Oporto 56

Blitzcat Records have well and truly impressed us the past year with the releases they have brought to our attention, with Kyoto Kyoto‘s ‘Dart Oporto 56’ they are doing it again! An intriguing, pensive and rather mysterious intro we are being pulled into Kyoto Kyoto’s brand new story. The London-based emerging experimentalists have released a new and tensive track that builds upon a slow but steady intro and a grand and electrifying chorus!

We previously released the band’s debut single ‘Gaacher Blitz’, and with their sophomore release the band show that they won’t ever fit into just one genre-box. Shape-shifting, swirling and energising is what they do with ‘Dart Oporto 56’. The track spans Anatolian psych, math-rock and noise, its blend having become what defines Kyoto Kyoto.

The song, written in a recording studio housed above metro station Oporto in Madrid, “is essentially an ode to people whom I consider to be larger than life,” explains lead singer Lev Ceylan. “People who lose themselves completely in their craft. And reflecting on how they must deal with the hard times and obstacles they face.”

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