Video: Jess Chalker – Stupid Trick

Australian artist Jess Chalker is both the influenced and the magician on her single ‘Stupid Trick’, as she transports her listeners through time on this ‘80s-inspired pop rock track. This single from her upcoming debut album ‘Hemispheres’ was crafted with guitar-driven hooks and warm synths, inspiring feelings of nostalgia for a simpler time.

The London-based performer captures the innocence and challenges of young love as she looks back at a past relationship, a bit unsure of what to make of it in the present: “Was it magic/To go and make me love you like I did/An illusion/Or was it just a stupid trick?” Still, thoughtfully crafted with light-hearted, upbeat lyrics and atmosphere, it’s clear Chalker is reflecting on the relationship with warmth.

Much like the song, the music video for ‘Stupid Trick’ carries a fun, playful vibe, but also features wistful, nostalgic moments. The video marks Chalker’s first time developing a script for a short film, with references to classic films like the 1956 French film The Red Balloon and Before Sunrise (1995). The film, directed by Marcelo de la Vega with cinematography by Shane Benson, was shot in London, featuring one of Chalker’s favourite places in the city Postman’s Park.

Words by Tunika Onnekikami

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