Video: Ceiling Demons – Breathe

North East/ North Yorkshire-based indie rock band Ceiling Demons have just released their new single and video for ‘Breathe’, a pensive and exciting new track! ‘Breathe’ is taken from the Ceiling Demon’s upcoming LP ‘Snakes & Ladders’ and builds upon the band’s eclectic blend of influences taken from genres such as indie pop, rock and contemporary pop!

It is a culmination of art rap meeting alternative rock, intriguing vocals and a well-structured soundscape that builds up towards an ecstatic chorus. We are usually no fans of rap, however Ceiling Demons built an broad soundscape around their vocals, which gives the track depth and some mystery. It is refreshing and different, yet we still do hope the LP will sound just a little more like alternative rock and slightly less like that of a new rap act. Have a listen and look below!

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