New music: Neon Dreams, The Sweet Serenades and Silas Fermoy

Neon Dreams – Say It Loud

Neon Dreams have created the soundtrack of our future dreams, not those we dream while we sleep, but those we dream up while we are awake. Their latest ‘Say It Loud’ is an anthemic alternative pop track with warm vocals and a soundscape that is full on and filled with surprising effects. A sound inspired by the band’s awakening South African tour earlier this year, where they were greeted by a wildly excited fanbase who were aching for their arrival after the success of their single ‘Life Without Fantasies’. Its hopeful narrative give us a feeling of comfort and familiarity and we’re looking forward to hearing more from Neon Dreams!

The Sweet Serenades – Go Go Go (Forever Young)

A disco-influenced indie anthem was released by The Sweet Serenades, their single ‘Go Go Go (Forever Young)’ makes us long back for days dancing in the disco, flirting with young men in skinny jeans while our perfectly styled hair was being completely messed up by our wild movements. And the ‘(Forever Young)’ part in the song title perfectly describes that!

About the single, The Sweet Serenades said: “it is an indie requiem for my father that passed away very suddenly and unexpected in September 2019, it’s my way of saying goodbye. I wanted to write an atmospheric and hypnotic tune, something sacred and repetitive more than a regular pop song. Perfect for late night car rides. Magical backing vocals by Jennie Abrahamson.” The single is also the first from the band’s upcoming fifth album ‘Everything Dies’, due to be released in 2022, hopefully it’ll be more of this infectious indie sound!

Silas Fermoy – Night Time, Our Time

Silas Fermoy’ sharp and high pitched vocals bring the tale of ‘Night Time, Our Time’ in an open-hearted and overt way. Its soundscape is shimmering and positive-sounding, with its bright vocals at the forefront and support from an exciting soundscape. The track was recorded during the pandemic which forced the duo to reminisce on what got them started in music. Which is how ‘Night Time, Our Time’ turned out to be a love/ hate letter to their musical careers. Singer and keyboard-player Josh was forced to look back on the peaks and valleys of his life in music. The verses reference specific turning points in his relationship with music.

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