Our highlights of The Gathering Sounds Part 2

You thought that was it, didn’t you? Well, you were wrong. We were only half way at documenting all the bands that we witnessed during The Gathering Sounds! So let’s get straight back into it; Bull. Weird, slightly ridiculous and not sure if what we saw was a musical revelation or random sounds thrown together but what we do know is that we want more of it. Bull throws one incredible and crazy live show but it’s mesmerising and it is now imprinted on our brains forever, yet we still need to see it again…

Big Society at The Georgian Theatre

We quickly nipped into The Storytellers to catch Rats‘ infectious Brit rock sound, and we were glad we did. It’s the energy from both band and audience that came together and erupted in a massive party. One of our favourite live discoveries of The Gathering Sounds, was Big Society, a band whose music we previously reviewed! Their humble attitude towards their audience that blew the roof of The Georgian Theatre made them stand out even more, besides the fact that their music is a warm and frantic alternative rock ‘n’ roll sound that we just can’t get enough of.

Another nice surprise was the band that awaited us in the small hall of the ARC, Hallan was performing a grand, wild and exciting show for a few lost yet mesmerised festival goers, such as ourselves. Their set and music compare well to the post punk of The Blinders and Fontaines D.C, mix in a bit of alternative grunge and you get an intriguing sound, one that Hallan completely made their own!

Headlining the ARC and The Gathering Sounds was power outfit Red Rum Club, a band we can barely describe as their inexhaustible energy and way of writing unforgettable bangers is hard to put into words! Red Rum Club bring proverbial confetti wherever they perform, their live show is grand, ecstatic and simply wild. Hits such as ‘Honey’ and ‘Kids Addicted’ were crowd-favourites but even some of their newer releases such as ‘Love Me Like You Wanna Be Loved’ and ‘Nightcalling’ were chanted along by the over-enthusiast audience. Overall, The Gathering Sounds gave us a day and night hard to forget and Red Rum Club were just the cherry on top!

Cover photo by Victoria Wai Photography

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