Festive pop: Foresteater and Big Society

Foresteater – I Do I Don’t

‘I Do I Don’t’ is the must have on every party, every summer’s day spent on the beach and every grey morning that needs cheering up. Foresteater have truly done it with their latest release, a festive and uplifting summer anthem. This alternative pop track is the band’s comeback after three years, and they’ve promised more!

Mikey pro talks a bit about the song: “The song is mostly about unsolicited advice or people talking shit and me being too sensitive about it. The chorus explains the struggle of putting something out into the world and trying your hardest not to care too much what people think but not being able to stop yourself from caring a little no matter how hard you try.”

Big Society – Age of Discovery

Big Society is releasing their second EP and their latest release ‘Age of Discovery’ is the lead single of that EP. It’s a light-hearted, positive sounding piece of electrifying pop. Catchy as anything due to its jazzy harmonies and rich soundscape. The Manchester-based band have with this release been added to our ones to watch-list for this year.

“‘Age of Discovery’ is a race through an acerbic stream of consciousness riding on an insistent shimmering beat in the major key and is over before you know it.” We did have to read that over a few times, but then again even without understanding its meaning ‘Age of Discovery’ is inevitable and unforgettable. Let’s listen to it… Again!

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