Modern Eyes – Sea Breeze

Modern Eyes have recently released a festive and disco-driven sound a la The Cure and it showcases just the sound our party was missing. Vocals with a slight edge and a funky, synth-driven intro warm our hearts while listening to ‘Sea Breeze’. We would like to imagine hearing rock hits a la ‘Sea Breeze’ while going to the club, instead of the sounds of broken washing machines during techno nights…

The song is the band’s final single leading up to the release of their self produced debut EP and all we hope is for the EP to be made entirely of songs that sound just like this evocative piece of positive sounding alternative rock! The band formed in 2018 and have since been crafting their sound, taking influences from the impact of bands such as The Strokes and LCD Soundsystem. It is their upbeat mix of garage and alternative indie, a hint of pop and a great deal of mighty guitar lines. The Los Angeles-based band are reinventing the boundaries of a genre revival, so get ready!

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