Elizabeth Cuite – Bookstore

Elizabeth Cuite‘s latest is an ethereal release with a shimmering soundscape and shines a bright light on her grand and theatrical vocals. ‘Bookstore’ sounds like an audio book, listens like a story and feels like a comforting story of missing a place while in lockdown. And haven’t we all been there? The electronically-driven soundscape that supports Elizabeth’s sharp vocals is simplistic and the perfect backing to this personal single.

“I wrote ‘Bookstore’ during quarantine when I realised how much I missed going to my favourite place and simply being with the people that I love. ‘Bookstore’ is about the feeling of being in your most sacred place with the person who really sees you. It’s about that place where you can be open and vulnerable and you just know the other person gets it and gets you.”

Her single translates a feeling I had been suppressing for a while, and I could not have worded it any better than she did. And my, do I wish I was able to just run to my bookstore right now…

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