Video: Becoming Young – Wild & Free

Nashville-based singer songwriter and pop artist Brandon Calano is better known to us and probably you as Becoming Young. His grand pop sound is heart-felt and is released on us again in the form of ‘Wild & Free’, his latest single which comes with a music video.

It is anthemic and upbeat, with his strong and seductive vocals in the middle of the mix, supported by a thumping soundscape. “‘Wild & Free’ is about rediscovering your power and finding freedom in knowing you can overcome anything. We’ve all had our tribulations. It’s easy to get caught up in them, and we often let missteps and struggles weigh us down. But this song is an acknowledgment that we are collectively coming back together – no matter what happened in the past, we are resilient.”

It is a powerful message filled with hope and its sound only strengthens that feeling. We could easily listen to ‘Wild & Free’ over and over again!

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