The Round Up – October

Royal Castles – Been Around

A new alternative rock track was released by one of our favourite emerging outfits; Royal Castles. Their new brainchild is the pensive alt rock and pop-influenced track ‘Been Around’! It’s a well-structured, hard-hitting new track that was released by the power trio that have recently been honing their sound and recording their second album! It is the soft and lingering sound of the track that makes it an intriguing track that shows a different side to the band and explores the intersection of nostalgia and disappointment.

Dan Howls – Bad Blood

Dark, riffing and rather moody is what best describes Dan Howls’ brand new single ‘Bad Blood’. It is the leather jacket-wearing punk with Chelsea boots and lots of gel in his hair, the motor-riding musician that’s either shy or thinks he’s too good for everyone else. ‘Bad Blood’ is sexy, it’s filled with riffs and narrating vocals, a mysterious soundscape that makes us long for more. Whoever Dan Howls is, we won’t forget about them anytime soon because ‘Bad Blood’ certainly leaves its impression! Can you imagine seeing this live…?!

The Great Communicators – Friday Night

A festive new single with a welcoming intro was released by Dutch band The Great Communicators. Their latest ‘Friday Night’ is a light-hearted and positive sounding track which also appears on the new album ‘The Endless Haze’. The Great Communicators carry on creating music tirelessly and refining their sound with ‘Friday Night’ being one of our favourites they have released so far. It is the timid vocals and the simple but shimmering soundscape, it’s catchy and a song that makes us want to move and keep on moving!

Laura Lucas – Lost and Found

Laura Lucas’ new release is a soft and sugar sweet pop sound resembling the sound of early Taylor Swift. ‘Lost and Found’ is endearing and an overall soothing pop song with superb vocals and a warm soundscape that is both simplistic and refined and gives the single its colour. ‘Lost and Found’s sound and soundscape give of a boho-vibe, a neutral colour-palette, one that is calming and offers us a break, some time to breathe. To use its own lyrics… “It felt like coming home.”

Francis Moon – Let You Go

‘Let You Go’ is an atmospheric and grand folk pop sound with an ethereal soundscape and thrilling vocals, not to forget some incredibly catchy ‘ooh’s and ‘aah’s! It is the simple yet telling beat and filling soundscape that make the song a surprising pop song even though at times ‘Let You Go’ sounds like a song we have heard many times before. Think of artists such as Dermot Kennedy, Vance Joy and Passenger. The Swedish bedroom producer’s new single came to life after moving country and talks about expectations, miscommunication, and disappointment that forces you to start over.

New Mode – Til the night

We start October off strong with New Mode’s single ‘Til the night’! The pensive build up of the track leads towards an eruptive and festive new alternative rock sound and it is hard not to dance along to New Mode’s latest. The Scottish band have been building their anthemic sound for a few years now with their first release in 2017. Chanting vocals and a guitar-driven soundscape make this track and this band a very exciting one!

Cloning – Closure

A warm and anthemic sound was released in the form of Cloning’s new indie pop song ‘Closure’. It is vulnerable and striking and talks about needing to move on from the breakdown of treasured relationships. Their simplistic soundscape colours the background of warm vocal tones and brings the song to life. ‘Closure’ could have easily been the soundtrack of a new romantic comedy, one of our favourite film-genres! Catchy and easy to sing along to, we are looking forward to hear more from Cloning!

Ships Have Sailed – Love in October

For those with a heavy heart and the need for a warm and comforting hug, Ships Have Sailed have released the song that gives it all; ‘Love in October’ is a bittersweet sounding, loving alternative pop track. Influenced by gritty rock and sleek pop tracks, Ship Have Sailed have truly blended those influences into a unique and memorable sound. Their grand and heartfelt sound is one we found ourselves becoming addicted to and Ships Have Sailed is truly one of our favourite new discoveries of this month!

Glossy Clouds – Nobody In The Dust

A captivating and thumping new track was released by Glossy Clouds. ‘Nobody In The Dust’ should be heard by many, many more. Its got the potential to be a pop rock hit with its warm and intense vocals and its simplistic yet loose soundscape. ‘Nobody In The Dust’ is a pensive party-starter, at times slightly awkward but memorable because of it. ‘Nobody In The Dust’ is the first release from the band’s upcoming debut album which is due for release next year!


A new contemporary pop song was released by SAPPHIRE, strong vocals and a simplistic soundscape make for an intriguing pop song. Not much different from others within the genre, but with its intricate vocals still making for an exciting new pop track. SAPPHIRE said: “I like to turn my overthinking into songs. Getting to make music is the most exciting thing ever, and I just really hope my songs can be the soundtrack to your life in some way.”

Rhett O’Connor – I’m a Galactophagist

A soft and shimmering new song was release by Rhett O’Connor’, his ‘I’m a Galactophagist’ is a pensive indie folk pop track with a guitar-driven soundscape that in a minimalistic way empowers its vocals to shine! With its surprising compositions the song perfectly dresses up its story, “‘I’m a Galactophagist’ is a song about a robot trying to understand his feelings about his creator.” And in translating that message, Rhett has truly outdone himself!

Multimagic – Life Like Art

‘Life Like Art’ is an upbeat, positive sounding, fast paced new indie synth pop track for old fans of Passion Pit and The Killers and new fans of Multimagic. It is hard not to shake and sing along to this harmony-driven, synth-based alternative pop track with its eclectic soundscape and thumping drums! American indie pop band Multimagic was founded by singer songwriter and producer Coran Stetter and have been going since 2017. The outfit channels experiences with mental illness, recovery and the search for redemption in their previously released debut album ‘Manic Daze’, and we can’t wait to hear more!

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